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Basics of ISIA

Organisation and regulations are defined in different documents.


of the International Ski Instructors’ Association (ISIA) in the applicable version in accordance with the decision of the delegates’ meeting of 22 May 2008 in Jesolo (Italy)


The Rules of Internal Procedure regulate the management of the association.


The subscription rules regulate the fees to be paid by the members.

This version (amended in § 2) was agreed at the Assembly of Delegates on 22 May 2008 in Jesolo/Italy.


The Rules for issuing ISIA stamps and ISIA cards govern the right of ski instructors to use the ISIA stamp and ISIA card.

Agreed at the delegates' meeting of 22 May 2008 in Jesolo/Italy.


ISIA minimum standards for the ISIA stamp and ISIA card


All regulations in a single document (without the Competition Rules)