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The Stamp Rules

The allocation of badges regulates the right of ski instructors to wear the ISIA badge.

§ 1 Protection of the Stamps

ISIA is characterised by the ISIA stamp, which is registered in the Swiss mark register under the nr. 422486.

§ 2 Application of the Stamp

The stamp can be used exclusively by associations and their member ski schools and ski instructors.

The ISIA stamp

Member associations, their ski schools and their ski instructors can utilise the ISIA stamp only in connection with their association and their ski instructor status.

The ISIA stamp can be worn on the ski instructor uniform and can be illustrated on paper, prints, cars, banners and inscriptions of associations, ski schools and ski instructors.

Each different application must be approved by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee can even confer the limited application of the stamp through cooperation and sponsor contracts to third persons.

The Executive Committee can withhold the right of the stamp in cases where a member association, ski schools or ski instructors abuse the rules governing the issue of the stamp.

§ 3 ISIA-Stamps

Associations receive the appropriate number of ISIA stamps for the number of registered ski instrucors within their Association.

§ 4 Placing of Stamps

It is the member association’s duty to only give the stamps to their highest qualified ski instrucors.

The Executive Committee can withdraw an association’s right to be issued the stamp when they contravene the regulations.

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